An Exploratory Study on E-commerce, Digital Payments & Digital Remittances in Nairobi


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One key component to digital money is an understanding of the African online consumer, their preferences and habits when it comes to e-commerce, digital money transfers and remittances. This is in order for players in the space to effectively anticipate their needs and capitalize on the growing population of African online consumers. Little research has been done in Africa that distinctly brings to light this growing populace, their characteristics and needs, and how different stakeholders in the e-commerce/digital money space are engaging online consumers. Further, there is a need to landscape the e-commerce market in general in Africa, with a focus on the existing trends in e-commerce and digital payments, various actors and stakeholders, the macro-factors affecting adoption of e-commerce and digital payments, and the potential for the market to grow. Currently, new and existing players in Africa are struggling to identify the current dynamics of e-commerce and digital payments, and ultimately how to acquire and retain customers.

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