Our Vision

Be, and be recognized as the leading Venture Capital investor on the African continent.

1. Globally connected, locally engaged

We cultivate strong global connections rooted in Silicon Valley, Asia but even stronger on the ground local knowledge and execution. We seek to build trusting, collaborative, long-term relationships with our portfolio companies, technology leaders and other relevant stakeholders with aligned interests, in the pursuit of mutual goals. We are pioneers, bridges and strong advocates for backing early-stage innovation on the continent.

2. Inclusive investment

We aim to lean in the most in strengthening local indigenous innovation to grow within Africa but not limited in global scope. We invest in and amplify the voices of diverse entrepreneurs by also supporting local, foreign and Diaspora innovators looking for a partner in Africa to bring their innovations to market to benefit Africa where it makes sense for us to back or partner.

3. Swift and diligent data-driven decision making

We move quickly in our decision making rooted yet rooted in strong analytical rigor in everything we do. Ensuring we adhere to local and international regulations. We always look for ways to do things better and faster but pay attention to a fast-changing world and exercise care in areas unknown.

4. Commitment to integrity

A trusted investor, advisor and company builder in the African markets we operate. We are deliberate and thoughtful about scaling in new markets when it comes to ecosystem building, deal making and support of the portfolio. We recognize and embrace our responsibility as stewards of the resources that our partners have entrusted us with and as a result we always look to act with the utmost integrity and hold an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest ethical and corporate governance standards, as well as compliance with all laws and regulations.

5. Collaborative team culture

Nothing is achieved without great people. Talent will accelerate their careers in both becoming a better investor or future entrepreneur they can’t learn anywhere else in Africa. We learn from each other and the varied talents and perspectives we bring, as well as the entrepreneurs, investors and partners we work with. We are a distributed team with unmatched dedication anchored in office clusters of excellence and functions due to the global nature of our work optimizing for access to markets, capital and talent. We stay close to entrepreneurs, humble in our office digs. We recognize good quality of life on the continent is what builds long term success and happiness.

eSABU is a virtual CFO service and Governance platform that allows African tech startups to access global standard accounting, reporting and governance to support growth. Africa Startups often start in one country and are limited by service providers who don’t understand startups or can afford them.

The Virtual CFO Service is intended to serve as a low-cost efficient model for ready adoption by hundreds of seed and early stage high growth enterprises supported by 173 incubators and accelerators across the continent and financed by over $1.6 Billion of angel, impact, venture capital, development finance and private equity capital.